Whether you want to learn airbrushing for fun, fame or profit, You can’t go wrong with this collection of airbrushing how to video’s by Award Winning Airbrush Master – Stuart Vimpani

Stuart doesn’t believe in holding any information back. Knowledge should be shared and not hoarded is his motto. He is just as passionate about teaching as he is with his painting.

As a self taught commercial artist for more than 20 years in the Custom Painting industry he has developed painting techniques that keeps him delivering some of the most Admired Custom Paint jobs in the world. Now you too can learn some of his highly desired skills  – direct from the master himself!

Your support will keep Stuart producing more video’s for you to enjoy and learn from.




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Painting a Skull Montage

Watch Stuart do his magic on painting a skull and then bringing it back to life! You will learn all the secrets on painting his signature skulls as he takes you through each and e...

skulls with flames
skulls with flames skulls with flames vlcsnap-2013-05-17-09h43m42s132 skulls-with-flames-2 skulls-with-flames-3 skulls and flames skulls with flames skulls-with-flames-1

Painting Skulls with Flames

Skulls with Flames are always going to be popular in custom painting. It’s been the number one request for Stuart by his customers, and after more than 20 years he has becom...

Painting Skulls with Killer Graphics
painting skulls painting-skulls-1 painting-skulls-2 painting-skulls-3 painting-skulls-4

Painting Skulls with Killer Graphics

Learn the Tricks to Painting Skulls using Killer Graphics Stencils and the Mob Series of Skull Stencils Price $10.00 Click here to submit your review. Submit your review Name: *E...


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